Work Plan for a Successful SEO Company

Work Plan for a Successful SEO Company
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Opening a new software Company (SEO and web development) is not a big thing. Even an un-experienced person who can invest a little amount can do it easily. The thing which is difficult to achieve is to make it running in the best way.

For example, if you are owner or even manager of a SEO company, you will make an office, create a working environment and hire good staff. Here the most important entity is your staff. If it is sincere with work, your company will excel in the best way and in the other case, you company will lose its weight in a shot span of time.

You should devise a standard to check the performance of your staff and my today’s article covering the same thing.

Work Plan for a Successful SEO Company

In order to exercise best judgment and grow team’s sills + talent, define the duties of staff with respect to their knowledge and experience. The manager will monitor the report of each person at the end of every week. Given below the evaluation criteria of each person followed by its rank;

1 (sergeant)- Intern,

  • Under Training

2 (Captain) – 3 – 6 Months Experience

  • Should have sound technical knowledge and expertise.
  • Should be able to understand any product e.g. checking demos
  • Should be able to Write content
  • Should be able to optimize showoffs, content
  • Good Forums participation
  • New Accounts setup, profile links
  • Min products to work: 4, Keywords = 30
  • Basic SMO
  • Learn and implement Video marketing with guidance
  • Get trained for above ranks
  • Competitor analyses

3. (Major) – 6 – 12 Months Experience

  • GP and Article ideas
  • Find Link building sources and maintain new links on daily bases
  • Manage at least 2 resources (under rank staff) successfully with guidance
  • Traffic and sales target meets
  • Launch Video marketing campaigns with guidance
  • Deadlines Meet
  • Individual Products: 8, keywords = 70
  • Basic Outreach
  • SMO – Manage multiple accounts, reporting etc. Share valuable content
  • Find Buzz, influencers
  • Keywords
  • Get trained for above ranks
  • Up to date knowledge
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4.(Lt – Colonel)  1 – 2 Years Experience

  • Manage multiple at least 1 project/products as required
  • Strategy Development
  • High Sales and Traffic targets in deadlines
  • Team management independently
  • Advance SMO, Outreach, Content marketing implementation
  • Website audit, Backlink analyses regular
  • Suggest new products
  • Up to date knowledge
  • Holiday and events related campaigns development with guidance
  • Get trained for above ranks

5. (Colonel) 2+ Years Experience

  • Develop new promotional campaigns for events, holidays etc. and implement successfully
  • Min projects=2, keywords = 200+
  • Branding, develop brand, generate such content and buzz
  • Video Marketing Campaigns
  • Launch email marketing campaigns
  • Video marketing
  • Develop social circle
  • Webinars
  • New projects handling
  • Work as backup in absence of lead


This plan is implemented in India and giving best result. If you’re from another continent like Europe, USA, Africa etc, don’t forget to discuss that how you think about this plan.

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