Top 4 Free Quote Extensions in Magento

Top 4 Free Quote Extensions in Magento
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When you need a quote extension?

Quote extensions are the ones that you use to manage quotation requests, i.e. when the price for your products is custom or hidden for some reason and the customers have to ask you about it to get the relevant information. ‘Ask for Quote’ and similar modules come in hand if your business segment is B2B, and you negotiate prices all the time. This selection of extensions for Magento features both free and paid solutions that are not more that $50 for your online store.

As a ecommerce retailer, you can adapt the quote concept to establish a bidding system for some of your products.

Free Quote extensions for Magento


This extension allows you to add a form to your store product pages that gives customers an option to ask you for the price. The form is simple to use and looks nice in every design. After the request is sent, both store admins and the customers are notified about the requests being accepted and processed.

Price: FREE


  • A convenient request submission form on the storefront, that provide fast and easy data input and a precise cost estimate.
  • Request Form Quote Manager for viewing and managing the requests you get.
  • An option for attaching files of various formats for a customer, if they need to send you anything: pictures or documents.
  • Email notifications about new Quote Requests arriving, and confirmation emails for the customers if their request was accepted. Admins can also set the email templates and email addresses to get the requests and updates.
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Support and updates: free lifetime support and upgrades.

Demos: Frontend and Backend.

Reviews: 1048 downloads, five stars, positive.

Propoza by Cart2Quote

This is a cross-platform ecommerce extension that adds a ‘request a quote’ button to the shopping carts of your customers. By clicking that button, the customer with products in their cart sends you a request to reduce the total price for the products in cart. You have the options to assign the new price or deny the request, or make a price  Basically, with this extension you gain another way to hear from your customers, get positive reviews and a possibility to sell out the stock leftovers. Once you get the request and accept it by adding your price, the customer gains the right to checkout with that price.

Price: Free trial period for 15  days with no card required.


  • An ‘Request a quote’ button in the shopping cart for the customers, that can be customized to your needs. Different fields can be enabled and disabled, and the labels can be written in your language.
  • Requests grid in the admin panel. Where you can see all the requests you have. You choose the price that you will send back to the customer, or create a custom quote from this grid.
  • Visual overview and statistics for all the quotes you have received, with different time periods and parameters to track with infographics.
  • You can add customers and products to any quote manually, and initiate negotiating. Customers can accept your offer.

Availability: for Magento 2.

Demos: Frontend and Backend.

Reviews: positive on Marketplace.

Other PAID Quote extensions for Magento (under $50)

REQUEST A QUOTE by SoftProdigy

This extension allows your customers to ask you for a quote on a single or multiple products and further negotiate with you on the total price tag. The requests are multiple and support all types of products that Magento provides. As an admin, you can review and manage the requests. With this extension, customers can get the products they have always wanted with a personal discount.

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Price: $35


  • Multiple product selection for the customers that want to request a quote from you.
  • You can show the Quote button for specific products only.
  • There is a Quotation Grid on the backend that you can review and edit.
  • The button on the storefront goes with a user-friendly request from. The button is attached to the product card on the storefront.
  • Request Form Quote Manager for viewing and managing the requests you get. You can organize the quotes and see the details.
  • There are email notifications for the new-coming requests. Everytime the admin user handles the request, the customer gets a notification about whether it was accepted or not.

Support and updates: free 30 days of support included.

Availability: for Magento 2.

Demos: Frontend and Backend.

Reviews: 125 purchases and 5 stars, overall positive reviews.

Magento Quote System by Webkul

This is an extension for Magento that also allows customers place their quotes over your products. As well as the previous modules, this one can be configured to the store needs and works in both ways. Admins, as well as customers, can submit their quotes. Most of the features are similar to already mentioned extensions, but Quote System has some extra functionalities.

Price: $39


  • Both admins and customers can apply quotations to the products, and admins reserve the right to manage them. The support is multilingual, and the extension is compatible with multi-stores and multi-websites.
  • Bulk quotes for a few products at the same time are available, which gives your customers a wholesale buying option.
  • Only customers that are logged into your store are able to use the quote requests.
  • It is possible to enable quoting for specific products.
  • Admins can set the minimum quantity for the products to be quoted.
  • Email notifications about requests and their statuses for admins and customers.
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Support and updates: 3 months of free support included.

Availability: for Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Reviews: 5 stars, positive reviews.

What Quote extension is good for your store?

Focus on what is your purpose with quoting, and starting with that, choose the extension that has the features fitting that purpose. For example, the online stores that manufacture and sell their own products might use quoting for determining the right price for their products. The stores that sell stuff from third-party manufacturers can give their customers a chance of shopping for the items with a personal discount and improve the customer experience. Or, if you are planning a wholesale business, the bulk quotation and price offering modules are exactly what you need.

Author’s Bio: Oksana Mikhalchuk is Content Manager at NEKLO, a software engineering company with a primary focus on ecommerce development for Magento. Oksana is dedicated to writing about marketing, web design and, of course, everything Magento-related.


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