Comparing the Teaching System Then and Now

Comparing the Teaching System Then and Now
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As time changed according to that the mentality of people changed. Our society and changes occurred in every field. We are living in a technological field where we expect new revolutionary and innovative changes which have brought drastic changes in people’s life. If we take the educational field we can see a larger change which is deep and sharp. Now more than educational institutions are using technological devices and making the educational process more interesting and effective one. In the past student’s interest are not given much importance but now the classroom is students centered one. There was a drastic change in teaching methods and techniques. Teachers are not giving much importance to textbooks they are not using lecture method or textbook oriented methods teachers are giving importance to student’s interest and they are concerned about students learning the process. There are no changes in timings and schedules. Class starts at a particular time and ends in particular as in the past the deep changes occurred is only because of technological developments. As technological developments took place in educational fields students are more flexible and stress-free and the teacher’s role decreased to as an instructor.

Students oriented

In the past teachers gave importance to textbooks and subjects but now as the technological influence and the modernity in educational field teacher give importance to student’s interest. Our teaching curriculum has included student’s interest. Now teachers are more concerned about student’s interest and they can offer the information’s and knowledge through technological a device which makes their teaching more effective and students learn easily and quickly. So the student’s preference has taken one step ahead. Apply for the AIOU Jobs of Tutorship

Providing real-life experience

Now teachers are able to provide real-life experience to the students through technological devices. The main and deep changes occurred in the educational field is through the influence of technological devices. So teachers are deeply and effectively using technological devices in their teaching process, which are positively affecting students and their learning process. So through technological devices teacher is able to present video clippings and some pictures which are related to the chapters and such presentations makes the class more active and effective.

Interaction mode

In the past teachers are not having that much good interaction or rapport with the students. Teachers have mainly focused on studies and the lessons but in this era, teachers make the classroom more active. Through technological devices, the teacher is able to set up discussion and debate on the topic and students actively participate in the discussion. Such teaching method made their learning more effective and helpful to their future life.

So mainly the changes occurred through the influence of technology and the changes made the learning as well as teaching process more effective and helpful to the students as well as teachers. The teachers, as well as students, stress reduced. In the technological devices, there are so many applications which are developed to help the teacher, as well as students and such apps, are used in the classroom which makes learning easier. So we can say that the changes are directed towards the goodness of students as well as teachers. It enhanced the educational process.

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