Top Tech Trend at CES 2018

Top Tech Trend at CES 2018
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Frankly, it’s important for you to know what’s coming next so you can leverage some budget to get the right tech that will push your brand forward. Last week, my team attended CES— one of the largest tech conferences in the world, where latest tech displayed everywhere and didn’t disappoint us. From AI and VR to IoT (Internet of things) and smart cars, the show mesmerized everyone. Here are top 18 trends from CES this year.

There is no denying that companies are sharing advancements in everything from consumer technology hardware to enterprise delivery systems to autonomous cars, making so many innovations in the tech route. CES, as you know, is a ‘no joke’ when it comes to technology, as they have developed satellite radio, unstructured VR systems, 3D printers, and even the VCR, back in the 1970s. This year, even with flooded floors and a power cut, the resolution gave us a picture of what enterprises tech you should be thinking about, budgeting for integrating in 2018.

Convertible Tablets/Laptops

We all know that Simple tablets and laptops with finger touch technology are turning into more convertible devices with robust capabilities and more enchanting interfaces. For example, Lenovo X1 Yoga, a convertible Laptop with a keyboard that folds behind the device (not detaches).  The laptop operates and unfolds when a user wants the experience of the keyboard. The purpose of telling is, a convertible laptop/tablet offers a higher degree of functionality than tablets alone, therefore, look for that technology that continue to boom your company this year.

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Smart Home Devices

Think of the any smart home device on the market today. You probably going to think of Amazon’s Alexa—for some good reasons. In 2018, the tech companies are looking for the competition, especially from products that connect to the big three i.e. Amazon Echo, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home.

Augmented Reality

We have all believed that AR ‘Augmented Reality’ would overtake Virtual Reality, and this year’s CES reinforced that idea for me too. Don’t take it wrong, VR is still emerging. However, the AR has higher chances to explode in 2018, providing experiences that immerse people while keeping them connected.

Companion Robots

Did you know home tech robots are not just for your housework? Yes, that’s right. Companion Robots can also provide entertainment and companionship to individuals or in family get-togethers. Out of all companion robots, Somnox is a robot that helps you fall and stay asleep. We have one robot from Honda that waves at the convention too, as it showcases concepts that hinge on Artificial Intelligence AI—assisting humans, and some even show compassion through facial expressions.

Health Sensors

We have all known about AI, but Just like AI, rushing in 2018, we can see a runner—IoT, pushing hard this year. Most prominently, it is evident in the healthcare industry. There are factors to consider when it comes to HIPAA “the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act” compliance and personal data, the tech sensors help people recover their health and well-being, which is indisputably wonderful. Moreover, Sleep sensors are an especially hot item at this year’s conference, so keep your eyes on those.

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5G Technology

With the emerging tech industry, a blazing fast speed and high computing power—5G tech is poised to change the market. Not only it is going to change the way of work in different institutions, and our daily lives, but also IoT will be benefited and be more advanced than it is right now. Just wonder what a multi-gigabit download speeds would feel like. That’s just the beginning.

Smarter Cars

Without a doubt, digital transformation has touched the automotive industry too. And, it is not about self-driving cars anymore, although those are worth discussing. Currently, the marketing is looking for technological advances that will improve the car driving experience. It includes everything from distinctive add-on dashboards, having mobile app integration and internal/external cameras. In addition, it has less-expensive options that integrate Alexa into automobiles and allow people to quickly shop, schedule and hear music upon command.

Smart Cities

More towns are starting to integrate latest sensor technology into infrastructure, in such ways that create a secure and healthy environment. Yes, the implications here are huge. For instance, you are going shopping, and during car parking, you get to know on your driving seat, where is the exact location, vacant for your car to park hassle-free. Moreover, it can help you stay productive with your work, helping you create impactful decisions while saving a lot more time. To me, smart cities will make us smarter, and allow us to be more effective and efficient with our time and resources.

3D Printers

You can’t imagine how it is used to be to print large sheets in a big bulky, high prices printers. The advancements in 3D printers lead big things for many markets and changing the way we ideate, develop, and manufacture large infrastructures. In 2018, printers are available in cost-saving models, bringing a level of accessibility to companies—large and small. Previously, there was one key limitation, which leads plastic the main material for most printers. Today, a new solution for Desktop Metal, making printing stuff with metal.

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