Top 33 Shopping Cart Checkout Mistakes

Top 33 Shopping Cart Checkout Mistakes
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Checkout of a store is most important entity of a store. It is basically result page of a shop. This result may be any e.g. 0% result or 100% result that all depends upon the customer checkout experience. 100 visit of a customer are useless until he successfully completes the funnel. While a customer’s visiting the first time can be more useful when he checkout out successfully. So you have to give special importance to this page. Currently, when many of the shopping carts are shifting to one step checkout while some others are still preferring long or 5/6 steps checkout.

In today’s post, we will come to know that what are Top 33 Shopping Cart Checkout Mistakes;

1 .           Not offering various payment alternatives

2 .           Failing to build up their cross-border ecommerce payment transactions

3 .           Failing to use integrated intelligent payment management

4 .           Failing to deliver free shipping, coupons and other fulfilment benefits

5 .           Failing to guarantee a smooth checkout process

6 .           Not Mobile-Friendly

7 .           Distractions and Difficulties

8 .           Not Constructing Trust

9 .           Force Visitors to Create Accounts

10 .         Make Customers Type Their Shipping and delivery Address

11 .         Not Demonstrating Your ( Great ) Return Policy

12 .         Ask for Payments Before Shipping Information

13 .         Unsecure payment preference

14 .         Having Unwanted Form Fields

15 .         Hiding Delivery Information until the Final Step

16 .         Emphasizing Coupon Codes

17 .         Lengthy Checkout

18 .         Misguiding information, buttons or links

19 .         No Graphic Hierarchy

20 .         Not giving respect to your visitors

21 .         Hiding Contact or assistance Information

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22 .         Un necessary sticky popups

23 .         Displaying links mentioning other domains

24 .         Confusing Navigation

25 .         Not Putting in Shipping Rates

26 .         Making irrelevant information mandatory

27 .         Fancy design with too much images

28 .         Slow shopping cart

29 .         too many requirements

30 .         Asking for the Same Data Repeatedly

31 .         Not enabling Clients to Edit Their Order During Checkout Process

32 .         Selling other things

33 .         Checkout guidelines are confusing

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