Tips to Reduce Friction in Your Website Design

Tips to Reduce Friction in Your Website Design
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The design of your website is one of the foremost aspects, which help you to stay ahead in a competition. It is one of the major reasons why digital marketers worship top web site designers. Top quality websites designers have an art to design a website in such a way that it doesn’t even matter if you are viewing a website on screenof your smartphone, desktop or laptop.

This is probably the reason why California is known as the hub for providing top quality website design services around the globe. Website design California has, narrates a tale of experience, creativity, and artistic prowess and have resulted in providing extra ordinary and appealing services to its customers. This blog will give complete detail regarding how friction can become a hurdle on your way to provide top quality customer satisfaction.

Bad design VS good design


Too Much Information

What could be a bad design in your view? The simplest example can be the sign boards previously used in California, where people had witnessed too much information on a single parking signboard. The same is the case with a website design. The more information is loaded, the less effective will be your website.

Information on your website should be short, crisp and to the point, making sure that every content you deliver is easily understandable by your target audience. If you still believe that this trick isn’t doing wonders, then visuals should be considered as the lethal weapon for targeting potential audience.

Problematic Navigation

No matter how much creative your website is, the navigation of your website should always be simple. By simple, we mean that every user should be comfortable using your site’s navigation; otherwise, you will suffer from less traffic on your website.

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It is always recommended that your CTA buttons and other navigation should be visible to the audience, otherwise they will be left unnoticed resulting in less ranking of your website.
These problems are important to identify and also are easy to solve. It is always recommended that all the links on your website must be visible to the audience, the only point is to not leave them unnoticed.

CTA buttons such as “view projects” should be placed in such a way that visitors go through them. The best practice is to label every link you have!

Adding Friction to User Actions

For a designer, it is always endorsed to add friction with extreme caution unless the designer is persuading the visitors not to take a particular course of action. Adding friction can harm your website because in one way or the other you are stopping visitors from taking necessary actions, which may give you various advantages.

However, some cases are distinct, as Apple has used friction as an advantage on their website. They’ve created elastic scrolling in specific areas such as footer, where scrolling can become hard to manage. Friction was added to indicate the customers that no more scrolling is required.

Although, the best practice is to avoid friction, however, if there is no other option left then one can carefully implement it like Apple did.

Be Clever but Simple

Being clever and creative always puts you ahead in a competition, but this is not the case in every situation. With being simple, we mean slow and steady wins the race. There are millions of websites across the globe which have creative designs, however sometimes, cleverness and creativity makes it difficult for the users to understand your idea.

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An important aspect that everyone should understand is that every individual is creative in distinct ways.
Every designer should implement such strategies where creativity should always be present with proper illustrations. Clever designs should always include foolproof planning, as sometimes, clever designs could easily boomerang your hard work. Try to implement a design that is always user-friendly.

Practices for Having a Good Website

It is fairly easy and fun loving to fantasize how bad a design could be. Indubitably, it is not just fun but also a learning experience for the designer. Having said, there are some key steps, which should always be considered and implemented while working on the design of a good website.

An important factor to understand is the need of the users. Understand what your audience is looking for, and then deliver the information. Hammer the iron when it’s hot, this is how you will gain the attention of your customers. As said earlier, label all the links to make sure that your customer is aware of all actions they are supposed to take on the website.
Test your design according to the user-friendliness that every good website offers. Is something missing here? Yes of course! ANIMATIONS!

The Dark Side of Animations

An animation plays role of a major element whenbuilding a creative design. But,an important aspect to keep in mind is that an animation should serve a purpose or a mean to display what words can’t. Just because animation can grasp eyes of the users, designers are often keen to include high definition graphic animation rather than displaying heavy content on the web.

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However, too much animation can be a problem if they don’t serve any mean to what you are trying to convey to your targeted audience. One thing that every designer should understand is that your animation should always serve a strong purpose as too much of animation can kill the users’ experience.


There is a reason why website design California narrates a tale of excellence, creativity, and artistic prowess,as a majority of the designers in California are highly experienced in delivering top-notch website development experience to their valued customers.

Author Bio:

Zoe Petar is the top influential website designers in California. With a vast knowledge and expertise in the web designing, Brielle is working with the renowned website design California companies. She has spent her entire professional life in designing eye catching website designs and is always keen to share her knowledge and expertise to all the newbies out there.

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