List of Top Web Development Trends for 2018

List of Top Web Development Trends for 2018
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Internet keeps evolving, and with the flow of time, new concepts and ideas keep coming into implementation. Sometimes the ideas are good and sometimes they are bad. Good ideas are always accepted and brought into use widely, whereas bad ideas turn deadwood in no time. This post focus on a list of top development trends for 2018. We will have look at some of the web trends that made it successfully into the digital world.

So, let us have a look at some of the top web development trends for 2018.

One page websites(https://wordpress.org/plugins/tx-onepager/)

These sites are very easy to navigate and support most of the devices. In such sites, there is a single page which, a user can scroll and click on the provided links to reach the desired page. The user gets a simple and attractive user interface which is cool and it is very inexpensive for further development and hosting.

Websites Notification (https://wordpress.org/plugins/onesignal-free-web-push-notifications/)

Website notification enables the user to get relevant information directly from the website and simply enabling the notification. Website notification cut the cost of developing the app for the website and increase the customer engagement. This became very popular soon after it came into existence.

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Progressive Web Apps (https://wordpress.org/plugins/progressive-web-apps/)

Progressive web apps are the websites that can perform similar functions to mobile apps, which allows its user to use the app in an offline mode. A progressive app lets the user load the data in an instant and some of the huge e-commerce websites like Flip kart are using it to increase the user interaction and conversions. Progressive web apps are anticipated to be the tough competition to mobile apps in 2018.

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Chatbots and AI (https://wordpress.org/plugins/tags/chat-bot/)

Chats bots turned downed the difficulties of web developers and helped them in building websites that comes with unmatched online assistance. Users can use Chatbots to order multiple kinds of stuff in just one click. also, huge business use chats bots for proper customer services. Chatbots are very good in collecting all the relevant information without involving the manager.

 Motion UI (https://zurb.com/playground/motion-ui)

The most amazing web trends which users got to see in 2018 is motion UI. The motion UI enables web developers to design a website with static UI and add animations and styling. Motion UI provides a unique design to your website and help in gaining maximum appreciation. The best thing that makes it an amazing web development tool is the smooth animations on the websites.

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Blockchain (https://wordpress.org/plugins/tags/blockchain/)

Blockchain changed the traditional ways of storing and securing data. There is large number of computers running around the world and they contain a large amount of data in them. Blockchain provides security to these computers. Multiple multinational banks are considering Blockchain and planning to deploy Blockchain in their system so that their data remains safe. The main advantage that follows Blockchain is the absence of intermediaries between transactions, which mean every precise transaction is verified and rely upon a complex algorithm.

Augmented Reality (AR) (https://wordpress.org/plugins/tags/augmented-reality/)

AR let the marketer reach the target audiences easily and project their products in the homes of the customers. AR let the customers view the products with the help of computer-generated perceptual information. AR provides a perceptually enriched experience by improving the natural environment also, AR carries a potential when it comes to gathering and sharing tactical knowledge. No doubts AR is surely the one in the list of web development trends of 2018.

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So, these are some of the top web development trends which if used, will definitely help businesses in achieving their goals and gathering the required audience.

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