List of 5 Best WordPress Plugins for the Starters

List of 5 Best WordPress Plugins for the Starters
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This page has a rundown of a portion of the best free WordPress Plugins out there. Look at this rundown of top WordPress modules and discover which modules you ought to use to enhance your blogging productivity.

1. Preserver from Comment Spammer:

Akismet – This a best plugin that guard against comment spam

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

wordpress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugins

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast – The SEO Yoast is the all in one SEO answer for your WordPress blog. This plugin helps you to set SEO titles, Meta depictions, XML sitemaps, breadcrumbs and a great deal more.
  • All in One SEO Pack – This is the most amazing out of the box SEO plugin for your blogs. Install this plugin and it will work same like the SEO Yoast plugin so that you don’t need to install both of them.
  • Google XML Sitemaps – This module creates a XML-Sitemap agreeable sitemap for the WordPress blog. The format is carried by Google.com, Ask.com, Yahoo.com and MSN Search. The extensions which are mentioned above can create sitemap for blogs.

3. WordPress Blog Security plugin:

WordPress Blog Security plugin

  • Wordfrence Security – This extension offers free enterprise class for WordPress security.
  • BulletProof Security – This bulletproof security offers security protection against: BASE64, XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, code injection and SQL injection.
  • All in one WordPress security & Firewall – The All in One Security and Firewall is a definitive security module that will take your WordPress site’s security to a radical new level.

4. Database and File Backup Plugins:


wordpress Database and File Backup Plugins

Backup WordPress – This BackUpWordPress will go down your whole site including your database and every one of your documents on a timetable that suits you.

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5. Social Networking Plugin

wordpress Social Networking Plugin

  • Social media and share icons – This social media networking plugin adds social media icons in your website with amazing customized features.
  • Share This – This WordPress addon allows your blog visitors to share your posts to their friends. It supports email and posting bookmarking sites.
  • Easy Social Share Buttons – This is a very simple and easy social sharing button extension which stops your posts and images to get slow down from unnecessary java-script and image files.

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