How to Use E-Learning Technologies to Improve Quality of Teaching

How to Use E-Learning Technologies to Improve Quality of Teaching
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E-Learning is interconnected with computing and technological innovation within the scenario of modernity. Earlier, people used to depend upon computers for entertainment and purposes and to accomplish some important tasks like banking and fiancé. But today, situation is entirely different from the past because the mainstream society is ready to consider technology as an integral part of job-hunting.  We can use technology to improve learning and teaching. By using technology, e- learning helps students and teachers to perform more efficiently. Earlier, introduction of technology in the field of education was a controversial topic. People used to say that technological innovation will affect the efficiency of the society to function properly by making people lazy. But today, many institutions implement technology in almost all aspects of functioning. E-learning mainly gives an opportunity for the teachers to make the class more live. It also increases the productivity of students and it proves that technology enhances the educational system. We can also improve the quality of teaching by using e-learning technology.

1.Information access

Earlier, if we need certain kind of information, we need to scan through books until finding the needy information. But by using technology, now the teachers can easily find the information. By using internet, we can clear any doubt within seconds. Bothe students and teachers can easily access the information without any complications, but with the help of any electronic gadget. The teachers can clear any doubt raised by the students. It only takes a few minutes to gain access to any information. Earlier, it took more time by searching through the books and libraries.

  1. Language

Think that a teacher is teaching a certain kind of language, by simply explaining the word by word meaning to the students. Here, there is no scope for any sort of visual aid to support the topic under discussion. When this context is superimposed into the scenario of e-learning, the teacher can provide a clip from the movie to the students to provide them with a clearer picture of the context and usage of words. One can see that this sort of the usage of technology within classroom environment is the highlight of e-learning because it transforms the session interesting and helps the students to be energetic. To be specific, it helps the students to be attentive in the class more than traditional mode of teaching.

  1. Animation videos

Animation video is one of the great advantages of technology, which can be used to provide the viewers with the enhanced visual perception within e-learning. The animated videos are mainly useful for primary teachers. The primary teachers who are handling the students aged between 5-7 can make use this technique to provide their students with varied visual experience. So, the animated videos of rhymes are useful for the teachers who handle primary students. It makes the process of teaching and learning more interesting because children like visuals. To be specific, music and motion pictures can help them to memorize rhyme without any complexity. It makes the class more live, and it helps the teacher to teach the students with ease.

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