7 WordPress plugins you should have on your blog

7 WordPress plugins you should have on your blog
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Having a right set of tools can help a lot in expanding your business more and more. There are several methods with the help of which you can raise the ranking of your site much higher. While writing a blog the first thing you need to choose is the right platform for your blog.

There are different platforms in the market which are enough capable of creating an interactive and wonderful site or blog. WordPress is one of the best options among all which is used by most of the site developers today for developing best websites. Here, in this topic, we are going to provide you the 7 best plugins that you may use in your WordPress website for making your blog a great success. These are:

1. MonsterInsights:

It is one of the best Google Analytics plugin options for WordPress which enables you to get best results for your blog and enhances the ranking of your blog on various search engine. This wonderful plugin enables you to get connect to your website with Google Analytics and hence enhance the visibility of your blog on various websites and search engines.

It also enables you to optimize your site so that you could easily get the desired results from your website. It is a free plugin for WordPress which you can easily upgrade according to your choice.

2. OptinMonster:

It is another best plugin for WordPress which enhances your experience of writing blogs to the next level. This wonderful tool works a lot for effective marketing of business websites. OptinMonster enables you to create option forms and popups for various WordPress websites and helps in converting your users into your subscribers.

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It also includes other wonderful features like page-level targeting, analytics, split testing and exit-intent technology etc which provides you the best results you ever had. This wonderful too works a lot for the effective marketing of your emails and blogs and hence helps in engaging more readers to your blog.

3. Winforms:

It is the best plugin of WordPress for beginners. It is a very user-friendly plugin which enables you to get effective sites without needing so many efforts and skills. This wonderful tool enables you to create contact forms, email subscription forms, order forms, payment forms, various other online forms within the matter of just a few clicks.

This drag and drop plugin of WordPress is an absolutely free tool which you can easily upgrade to higher one by just paying a little amount.

4. BackupBuddy:

BackupBuddy is a wonderful tool of WordPress which allows you to secure your blog to a great extent. It is one of the reliable backup systems that you should sure add to your site so that you perfectly secure your blog from being destroyed up.

This wonderful tool enables you to backup your entire data with the matter of just one click so that you can easily recover it in case of hardware failure. It is one of the most reliable and easiest tools that can easily backup the entire data of your site.

5. W3 Total Cache:

It is one of the most wonderful tools which play an important role in SEO. It fastens ups the working speed of your site so that to enhance the experience of your readers.

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Generally what happens is that faster websites rank higher in the Google and other search engines and attract more business to it which ultimately works a lot for effecting blogging. It boosts up the speed of your website by compressing the files present in your website which ultimately reduces the workload on the server so that it can run smoother and faster.

6. Sucuri:

Security of your website or blog is the first thing you unsure about it so that you could get the best and reliable results from it. This wonderful app enables you to protect your website from various threats. It enhances the security of your website and prevents it from being hacked by hackers.

Moreover, it also prevents your website or blog from various malicious denial of service attacks so that it can work better in future also. This wonderful tool of WordPress provides you another wonderful feature like real-time alerts, website security scanner and much more.

7. Buffer:

This wonderful plugin of WordPress enables you to easily engage your readers on various social media sites by easily scheduling your posts for the entire day. It keeps your social media accounts active for the entire day without respect to that whether you are working on it or not.

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